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Bambusa pervariabilis viridistriata

Bambusa vulgaris Wamin

Species Table

This Species table was created by using only the tropical bamboo species listed in the guide book from the FCC/American Bamboo Society Show and Sale. The book was designed and written by Kim Higbie & Peter Dodge. Information was also derived from the ABS Species Table Species Table.

Ampelocalamus Bambusa
Cephalostachyum Chusquea
Dendrocalamus Dinochloa
Drepanostachyum Gigantochloa
Guadua Melocanna
Nastus Neohouzeaua
Otatea Oxytenanthera
Schizostachyum Thyrsostachys

NOTE: The images within our Species Table have been provided by, and are the property of, our members. If you wish to use these images on another website, please contact the person named below each image and notify them of your intentions.

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